Wonderful. exciting and special events in Tokyo. Japan Events is providing you list of wvents during the Sakura Season, Summer season, Autumn Season and Winter Season. Japan happenings which you should not miss to get the full advantage of what Japan and Tokyo has to offer around the country. Page is showing things “to do ” during your trip to Tokyo or over all Japan. Events happening arond Japan.

Special Events in Japan

Wonderful. exciting and special events around Japan
Jun 16

Handmade In Japana Fes 2017

Over 5000 Japanese creators exhibit their original products. Fashin, Interior and Art market. You can enjoy many workshop as well. There is a kids space so all families are welcome.… Read more

Apr 5


FASHION WORLD TOKYO is Japan’s LARGEST comprehensive fashion trade show, which consists of 7 specialized fairs; fashion wear, bag, shoes, fashion jewelry, men’s fashion, OEM and textile. The show is… Read more

Apr 2

Kanamara Matsuri – Festival of the Iron Phallus

Let’s Talk About Sex The story goes that in the 1600s, during Japan’s Edo period, local prostitutes would congregate at the Kanamara Shinto shrine in Kawasaki, where they’d pray for… Read more

Feb 22

YAYOI KUSAMA: My Eternal Soul

from only from 600 /person

The National Art Center, Tokyo 10th Anniversary YAYOI KUSAMA: My Eternal Soul Since her debut, she has been enormously productive in terms of experimenting with different forms of artwork including… Read more

Mar 14

White Day

from only priceless /person

White Day is a day that is celebrated in Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and Taiwan on March 14, only month after the Valentine’s Day. In Japan it is a… Read more

Jan 20

Snow Aquarium at EPSON Aqua Park Shinagawa

In collaboration with NAKED INC., EPSON Aqua Park Shinagawa is holding a seasonal aquarium event SNOW AQUARIUM BY NAKED, until February 26, 2017. http://www.aqua-park.jp/aqua/en/ Save Save

Mar 20

Sakura season in Japan 2017

from only mostly free/person

“Hanami” is the centuries-old practice of picnicking under a blooming sakura or ume tree. The custom is said to have started during the Nara Period (710–794) when it was ume… Read more

Mar 1

Omizutori Festival in Nara

Omizutori Festival in Nara This event goes back 1,000 years. Buddhist priests draw up healing waters and run about with huge pine torches. Priests at Todai-ji Temple, famous for its… Read more

Feb 6

The Snow Miku 2017

Exciting event for Hatsune Miku fans. Here’s the current Snow Miku Festival/Sapporo Snow Festival timetable! The DJ Live event will be making a return, and this time for two nights… Read more

Jan 28

The Mysterious Restaurant of the Food God

from only ¥1,000 ~ /person

食神さまの不思議なレストラン / The Mysterious Restaurant of the Food God Perhaps you have heard the word on the street, that in the back alleys of Nihonbashi, Tokyo, you can find a… Read more

Feb 18

Isumi Tour

from only ¥7,000/person

1-day trip to Isumi City in Chiba! Craft a bonsai tree, feast on seafood straight from the ocean, discover the masterpiece inspiration for Hokusai’s wave paintings, and sample the wares… Read more

Feb 6

Sapporo Snow Festival 2017

The first Sapporo Snow Festival was held in Odori Park in 1950, with only six snow statues made by local high school students. Beyond all expectations, the festival attracted about… Read more