Foreigner-friendly hospitals in Japan

Japan Today has published an article according to which by 2017 February 28 hospitals are registrred as forieigner friendly.  We hope your visit will be smooth and healthy, but at the same time is good to know and be prepared.

You can find the hospital by location or by the speciality

When you travel abroad, you might become sick or even an emergency can occur.
Handling both situations might be more difficult for you than in your home country, that’s why we want to give you some basic information about how to handle an emergency in Japan.

First of all, it is always good to have a travel insurance (http://www.lonelyplanet.com/japan/travel-insurance), which will help you to minimize the cost if you become seriously ill abroad.
Medical care is not particularly expensive in Japan; however, compared to the US Japan’s medical care is almost a bargain. But if you need serious care, long-term hospitalization or a surgery costs can add up quickly, having a good insurance will save you a bundle.
Japan offers also help in English if you cannot speak Japanese. Find-a-doctor-now (http://www.findadoctornow.jp/en/index.html) is a website, offered in English, Japanese and Chinese, which can help you in case you are feeling sick.

Besides that, here is a list of useful telephone numbers in the case of an emergency:

Police (English-speaking operator on duty 24 hours a day)
Tel: 110

Fire (English-speaking operator on duty 24 hours a day.)
Tel: 119

Ambulance (English-speaking operator on duty 24 hours a day.)
Tel: 119

Once you get through to the 119 operator, report the following:

  • that it is an emergency (kyukyu)
  • what happened
  • location (address) of emergency
  • your name
  • phone number you are calling from
  • Find and describe landmarks nearby or use a public payphone if you do not know the exact address of the site.
  • If you hear the sirens of the ambulance, stand outside so that you can help guide them to the emergency site.

Tokyo Police Tsuyaku Center.
Available 24 hours a day.  Tel: 03-3581-4321

Tokyo Fire Dept.
Tel. information service (can introduce hospitals, etc.).
Available 24 hours a day. Tel: 03-3212-2323


As most important, stay safe, healthy and be bit prepared when travelling.
















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